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  • Jack P. Walters
    General Manager

    "Born and raised in Pikeville, KY. After graduating from the University of Kentucky and exploring various career options I found my way into the automotive business. I am very proud to be part of the 3rd generation of our family running our automotive group. I live Pikeville with my 3 kids and my wife who is a teacher at the Pikeville Elementary School. The best part of my job is all of the wonderful people, customers, and employees I have gotten to meet over the past 10 of my career."

  • Amanda Ratliff

    "As the receptionist at Walters Mazda Mitsubishi, one of my favorite things is to watch our customers leave the lot with their new purchase. Their smiles and excitement reflect the dedication of our sales team and managers. That's what it's all about....Having satisfied customers...
    I am the proud mother of three wonderful children, Noah, Shawn, and Sarah. They keep my husband, Eric, and me on our toes. The things I enjoy besides my family are photography, fishing, hiking, and taking time to thank the Lord for the beautiful moments I have been blessed with."

  • Pete Canterbury
    Sales Manager

  • Joe "Big Joe" Adkins
    Finance Manager

  • Wayne Cassell
    Finance Manager

    "I have been with the Walters Auto Group for 26 years."

  • Michael "Big Mike" Thomas
    Floor Manager

    "I'm from Brooklyn NY and moved to Pikeville in 2001 to play basketball at the University of Pikeville. After Graduation, I started working for the Walters Auto Group. I am proud to have been a member of this Walters family for over 15 years. My main goal and focus are to provide the best possible service that I can for all our customers."

  • Michael G Gillespie
    Used Car Manager

    "I am born and raised in Pike County and have worked a total of 15 years for the Walters family."

  • Ed Adkins
    Sales Team

    "I've been here for 7 years and I love it!"

  • Nick Balser

  • Brett Norman
    Sales Team

    "Having grown up in central KY, My wife and myself made the decision to relocate to eastern Kentucky in 2017 after attending Morehead State University. Living in Pikeville, I was fortunate to join the Walters Family in 2019. In my personal time, I enjoy spending the summer months on the lake with my wife and son. Then the fall through spring cheering on local athletics, and anything UK."

  • Laura Blankenship

    "I have worked for Walters Mazda Mitsubishi for over 2 years now!"

  • Joshua Hall
    Digital Media Manager

    "I was born and raised in Pikeville, KY. Shortly after High School, I left for the military which allowed me to travel the world and serve in 3 different campaigns (OIF, OND, EFP). After nearly 7 years I decided it was time for me to get back home. I am now currently enrolled in graphic design at the Los Anglos Film School. I have always had a passion for work in the digital world so I made the decision to make a career doing it. It's a great honor to be working for what I believe is one of the most successful businesses in Pikeville, Walters Auto Group."

  • Charles "Muncy Dawg" Robinson
    Lot Attendant

    "I have worked for the Walters family for 7 years now.... I have been a Pike County resident all my life. I'm married with 4 Kids...I am known as Muncy Dawg!"